Abraision and Friction

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First instrumented chip, cut and chunk analyzer. A round rubber specimen is rotated at user defined speed while a pneumatically actuated impactor hits the specimen. Force, stroke, duration and repeating cycle of impact can be defined by the user via software interface. All data speed, force and travel are collected and can be accessed via raw data export. The  quantitative judgement of chip and cut resistance is provided by innovative parameter "P" as direct measuring result.

Frictiontester based on UPM with precise heating.

System for determination of the resistance of elastomers with regard to the loss of abrasion. The test is carried out on materials that wear off or abrade (e.g. tyres, belts, conveyor belts, shoe soles). Machine frame with drive system and specimen holder, abrasion drum, metal housing, electric motor for rotation of the drum and the specimen holder.

Dynamic friction tester for triboloogic examination of rubber samples on exchangeable friction partners.
Tester to measure the static and kinetic coeffi cient of friction, seal strength, and peel properties of plastic film, paper, paperboard, adhesives, labels and packaging materials.