Polymer Materials

Polymer Materials

Plastics, rubber and composites are in great focus of our activities. We offer products for static and dynamic tests, impact testing, measurement of hardness as well as thermic test as heat distortion (HDT) and softening temperature (VICAT) and equipment for raw material tests as granulates. Of course we offer the corresponding accessories and instruments for your specimen preparation.

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The heating and cooling chambers can be used for tempering in-between -40°C and +250°C.
The drying chambers dry the specimen via active dehydration.
The glas dehydrator dries the specimen via absorption.
The furnace allows drying, pre-heating and furning-off with a temperature up to 1100°C.
The rapid incinerator allows drying, pre-heating and furning-off with a temperature up to 950°C.
Electical sandbaths with variable temperature control with or without a thermostatic regulator.
Durometer for measuring hardness of elastomeres, plastics and non-metalic materials.
Digital universal hardnesstester according to Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell, Knoop and ball indentation.
Manual ball indentation test apparatus.
Thickness gauge according to ISO 23529 for materials with a hardness of ?35 IRHD.

Determination of the temperature at which plastics that are not rigid at normal ambient temperature exhibit brittle failure under specified impact conditions.

System for determination of the resistance of elastomers with regard to the loss of abrasion. The test is carried out on materials that wear off or abrade (e.g. tyres, belts, conveyor belts, shoe soles). Machine frame with drive system and specimen holder, abrasion drum, metal housing, electric motor for rotation of the drum and the specimen holder.

Tester to measure the static and kinetic coeffi cient of friction, seal strength, and peel properties of plastic film, paper, paperboard, adhesives, labels and packaging materials.
Frictiontester based on UPM with precise heating.
Dynamic friction tester for triboloogic examination of rubber samples on exchangeable friction partners.

Measuring system for determination of pourability plastics in form powder or granulate.

Measuring system for simultaneous measurement of flotation and apperent density of plastic granules.

Measuring system for determination of aparanty density of flowing materials in form of powder or granulate.

Analytical scale with accessories for density determination of liquids and solids.
Fully automated, micro-controller based pycnotmeter for determination of the envelope density of original substances.

Density measuring system after three-column priniciple.

This compact instrument is designed for measuring the flow properties of plastics to Method A.
Instrument designed to measure mass and volume flow rates.
For measuring the melting point of powdery substances in glass capillaries.
For melting point determination/ Observation of decomposition processes/ observation of volatility/ Determination of softening point of synthetic resin.
Quartz tube dilatometer to determine the thermal expansion coefficient of plastics with 1 or 3 measuring stations.
Digital dry-sieving machine for test sieves with 200 or 203 mm diameter.
Measuring the absolute value of the water content in solid samples.
Analytical moisture analyzer for fully automatic determination of the moisture content or dry weight of samples.

The ‘fogging test’ is designed to determine the out-gassing rate of certain material from soft PVC, textile or leather.


31 - 60 of 64 results