Testing of pipes is our field, which is defined most narrow. Most testing equipment relates the the quality control of pipes and pipe coatings according to DIN 30 670. We offer you all that is necessary: Indentation hardness, minimum coating thickness, continuity, coating resistivity, impact strength and heat aging.

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Mobile Tension Tester for measurement of the peeling resistance of polymer coatings on steel pipes.

The CD-Test unit tests the adhesion of plastic coatings on steel with optinoal datalogging software.

Test appliance for determining the scratch resistance of coated specimen.

Coesfeld testing units series MTT/M are designed to measure the peeling resistance of coatings, e.g. pipe coatings.

Penetrometer to measure the indentation hardness of polymeric coated pipes and formed parts under influence of weight and temperature.

Mobile impact test for pipe coatings

To measure all non-magnetic coatings on steel and non-conductive layer on non-ferrous metals and non-magnetic steel.

Device for non-destructive holiday detection of coatings through high voltage impulse technology.