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Simple machine set-up predestinated for true long-term creep measurements. In combination with motorized camera sled system these system can be extended to multi-stations set-ups within attractive price range.

Load application is realized with precision spindle gear drives in an closed loop force control. This enables next to classic creep test acc. to ISO 899 to run relaxation tests or combined creep and relaxation testing procedures. Also automated programs for extrapolation of creep data is possible.

Next to increase operational comfort the system offers higher loading capacity as well as higher accuracy and reproducibility than mechanical test rigs.

The Coesfeld Intrinsic Strength Analyzer automatically evaluates the minimum tearing energy T0 that initiates and drives crack growth. Measuring the endurance limit with classic methods can take months. The ISA based on Endurica testing and evaluation methods generates results within less than 8 hours. The measurement runs fully automatic. Critical Tearing Energy Tc can be estimated as a side product at the end of the measurement. The ISA is a cutting force measurement following fully PC controlled measuring protocol.

Universal test machine for tensile, compression and bending tests with 3kN, 5kN, 10kN and 20kN test force, different travel and clear width with diverse accessories.

Manual tension tester for 6 S2 bars.

Manual compression tester for 4 samples form I and II.

Durometer for measuring hardness of elastomeres, plastics and non-metalic materials.
Digital universal hardnesstester according to Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell, Knoop and ball indentation.
Manual ball indentation test apparatus.
Thickness gauge according to ISO 23529 for materials with a hardness of ?35 IRHD.