Impact Strength

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Dart impact test on foils determining the energy that causes plastic film to fail under specified conditions of impact of a free-falling dart in accordance with the standards DIN EN ISO 7765-1 and ASTM D1709-3.

A guided drop frame with varied weight holding an impactor geometry or dart freely slides from determined height onto the material. The guiding system enables optionally to automate test runs. The system is suited for larger impact energies and also optional prevention of rebounds to the material after first impact, which is required for optical judgements of material damage after first impact or deterministic pre-damaging.

Force instrumented impact test with impact speed measurement and motorized drop height setting. The measurement runs automatically and the breaking energy is provided instantly after impact. The system can be fitted to meet various test scenarios from standard testing to individual component testing.

Pendulum impact tester with robust and massive set-up. PC housing assures safe testing without flying sample remainders. The system provides automatic drop release and energy calculation. Choice of pendulum hammers and sample fixtures  acc. to corresponding standards (Charpy, Izod, Tensile, Dynstat). PC control for data evaluation and data documentation.

Determination of the temperature at which plastics that are not rigid at normal ambient temperature exhibit brittle failure under specified impact conditions.