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Measuring system for determination of pourability plastics in form powder or granulate.

Measuring system for simultaneous measurement of flotation and apperent density of plastic granules.

Measuring system for determination of aparanty density of flowing materials in form of powder or granulate.

Measuring system for determination the bulk density of free flow powder or granulate. The test can provide a gross measure of particle size and dispersion which can affect material flow consistency and reflect packaging quantity.

Analytical scale with accessories for density determination of liquids and solids.
Fully automated, micro-controller based pycnotmeter for determination of the envelope density of original substances.

Density measuring system after three-column priniciple.

This compact instrument is designed for measuring the flow properties of plastics to Method A.
Instrument designed to measure mass and volume flow rates.
For measuring the melting point of powdery substances in glass capillaries.
For melting point determination/ Observation of decomposition processes/ observation of volatility/ Determination of softening point of synthetic resin.