Polymer Materials

Polymer Materials

Plastics, rubber and composites are in great focus of our activities. We offer products for static and dynamic tests, impact testing, measurement of hardness as well as thermic test as heat distortion (HDT) and softening temperature (VICAT) and equipment for raw material tests as granulates. Of course we offer the corresponding accessories and instruments for your specimen preparation.

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The ECO Vicat enables to measure the Vicat-softening temperature clean and oilfree.

IC is a series with integrated cooling automatically measureing the vicat-softeningtemperature and the HDT heat deflection temperature.

Compact is a semi-automatic series for measurement of the Vicat-softening temperature and the HDT heat deflection temperature.

Basic is a manual starter series for measurement of the Vicat-softening temperature and the HDT heat deflection temperature.

The HDT automat allows a fully automated 24/7 measurement of the HDT heat deflection temperature.

The external oil cooling unit reaches for systems of Basic and Compact series back to start temperature in short time after measurement.

Dart impact test on foils determining the energy that causes plastic film to fail under specified conditions of impact of a free-falling dart in accordance with the standards DIN EN ISO 7765-1 and ASTM D1709-3.

A guided drop frame with varied weight holding an impactor geometry or dart freely slides from determined height onto the material. The guiding system enables optionally to automate test runs. The system is suited for larger impact energies and also optional prevention of rebounds to the material after first impact, which is required for optical judgements of material damage after first impact or deterministic pre-damaging.

Force instrumented impact test with impact speed measurement and motorized drop height setting. The measurement runs automatically and the breaking energy is provided instantly after impact. The system can be fitted to meet various test scenarios from standard testing to individual component testing.

Simple machine set-up predestinated for true long-term creep measurements. In combination with motorized camera sled system these system can be extended to multi-stations set-ups within attractive price range.

Load application is realized with precision spindle gear drives in an closed loop force control. This enables next to classic creep test acc. to ISO 899 to run relaxation tests or combined creep and relaxation testing procedures. Also automated programs for extrapolation of creep data is possible.

Next to increase operational comfort the system offers higher loading capacity as well as higher accuracy and reproducibility than mechanical test rigs.

Universal test machine for tensile, compression and bending tests with 3kN, 5kN, 10kN and 20kN test force, different travel and clear width with diverse accessories.

Pendulum impact tester with robust and massive set-up. PC housing assures safe testing without flying sample remainders. The system provides automatic drop release and energy calculation. Choice of pendulum hammers and sample fixtures  acc. to corresponding standards (Charpy, Izod, Tensile, Dynstat). PC control for data evaluation and data documentation.

The automatic notch milling machine is used to cut norm conform notches in polymer specimen.

The CNC controlled specimen milling machine mills norm conform test bars fully automated for Charpy-, Izod-, Dynstat, Tensile-Tests and more (see also Coesfeld Pendulum Impact Tester / Automatic Notch Milling Machine).

The manual toggle press allows an exact and effort-saving cutting-out of specimen with forces up to 25 kN.

The pneumatic toggle press allows an exact and effort-saving cutting-out of specimen with forces up to 60 kN.

The electromotoric Tear Analyser measures fatigue and crack propagation on 2x5 elastomer specimen with the system BAYER.
The hydraulic Tear Analyser measures fatigue and crack propagation on 1x10 elastomers with the system BAYER.
The Tear Analyser can be fitted to on any dymamic measuring test stand for 1x1 elastomer speciment.

The Coesfeld Intrinsic Strength Analyzer automatically evaluates the minimum tearing energy T0 that initiates and drives crack growth. Measuring the endurance limit with classic methods can take months. The ISA based on Endurica testing and evaluation methods generates results within less than 8 hours. The measurement runs fully automatic. Critical Tearing Energy Tc can be estimated as a side product at the end of the measurement. The ISA is a cutting force measurement following fully PC controlled measuring protocol.

First instrumented chip, cut and chunk analyzer. A round rubber specimen is rotated at user defined speed while a pneumatically actuated impactor hits the specimen. Force, stroke, duration and repeating cycle of impact can be defined by the user via software interface. All data speed, force and travel are collected and can be accessed via raw data export. The  quantitative judgement of chip and cut resistance is provided by innovative parameter "P" as direct measuring result.

Dynamic test system for determination of flex and crack growth properties of rubber.

The biaxial test stand measures fatigue and crack propagation via four syncronised electromotoric direct drives.
The test stand allows to measure force as well as travel controlled long time loading for fatigue to failure measurements via one or more electro drives.
Test stand for dynamic long time loading with tensile, pressure, bending and shearing under influence of temperature.

Manual tension tester for 6 S2 bars.

Manual compression tester for 4 samples form I and II.


1 - 30 of 63 results