Surfaces, Paint and Coatings

Surfaces, Paint and Coatings

The test equipment of this field empraces physical, electrical and thermical test of powder coating, hartz, paint, lacquer and plastic coating. This includes mechanical tests as abraision and gauge, electrical test as cathodic disponding, resistance, and coating thickness, thermical tests as gel time, film forming temperature, softening, melting point, evaporation and corrosion.

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Temperature gradient plate for measuring the Minimum Film Forming Temperature , MFFT of polymer dipsersion.

Intruments for determination of gel time and hardening charakteristics of powder coating and resign.

Instruments for the determination of the gel time of reaction resins.
Degreasing Baths are used to remove anticorrosion agents on testing metal sheets.
Tera ohm meter for measurement of volume, surface, bleeder resistance, small currents and cable resistance.
Determination of the proof (PTI) and the comparative (CTI) tracking indices of solid insulating materials.

To measure all non-magnetic coatings on steel and non-conductive layer on non-ferrous metals and non-magnetic steel.

Driven film applicator for the application of coatings of an even and defined thickness onto different plane surfaces.
Test appliance for determining the wear resistance of plastic coatings.